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Women Leaders from a Christian females point of view

From a woman's perspective


I've been thinking about this and believe that it stems from the way our society has become structured with women's equality movements.  I'm a woman and I was a VERY rebellious, controlling and manipulative one at that.  God has dealt with me in these areas -- eradicating the Jezebel spirit that controlled me.

Coming from this background and understanding the way the American Woman thinks, the concept of what Paul is saying in his letters for women is VERY hard to swallow.  But, let me tell you, I believe that it is how women (and men) should live and work together within the church.

How are we even going to take the Word and use it if we aren't going to listen to it and heed what it has to say for our lives -- TODAY?

1) Men are not stepping up to the plate regarding their place in the church.  This leaves women feeling like they have to take the responsibility (like Deborah and Barak in the OT).  Deborah only advised Barak, but Barak insisted that she go with him.  She was a wonderful judge.  Did she lead in any other way except during that one battle?  She gave direction and instruction from the Lord and others either listened to her or not.  This is how many women need to be today.  I don't believe that our words should be disregarded.  But I do believe, Women please forgive me -- but it is the Truth -- men are supposed to be the leaders and final decision makers in the church today.  All words of instruction for the Elders and Deacons were given for men.

2) Women may say, "Times have changed."  I believe that God would make provision in His Word if He intended us to live differently than the instructions He set in His Word.  So, ladies, are we going to follow the Word or are we going to follow the world?  It's time for some stomping on our flesh.  It is NOT easy or fun.  Believe me, I know!!!  I'm not saying these words with ease.  It has been a trial for me 'cause Jezebel did NOT want to leave.

3) Men, you must treat women as God intended you to treat them as well -- adhering to the instructions you have been given toward us.  You are responsible for this toward God.  God does not take your position of authority lightly.  I have found that since I relinquished control and authority of my life over to my husband, I am able to empower him to be what God wants him to be -- wants us to be -- and my husband isn't a very spiritual man.  But this is God's will and His Word.  I cannot call myself truly surrendered to a life in Christ if I only follow the scripture that is comfortable for me.  Men, women are responders.  Many women are wanting to follow a man who is a good leader in their family.  Women have felt the need to take the role because you, men, won't do it!!!

Doug's comment interjected: I agree with her statement that there are many men that "won't do it," but I would add there are just as many women (even ones calling themselves "Christians") still controlled by a Jezebel spirit that refuse to surrender to their covering, even when their husbands are "good leaders" trying to "do it."  This puts the husband "doing it" in an extremely difficult position of trying to keep the marriage intact and strife to a minimum, while trying to fulfill his God ordained role of authority.  I also agree women need a "good leader" in their households, but ask 10 different Christian women their definition of a "good leader" and you get 10 distinctively different answers -- a perfect setup for a no-win situation!

4) Bottom line is that we need to look at what the Bible tells us about the authority of men.  Men need to be the leaders that God intended them to be.  Women need to empower their men to be the leaders that God intended them to be.  Ladies -- this is no simple task and it is one of GREAT importance in the sight of the Lord!  Don't think you are being belittled.  You are NOT!  When you release your past training on this and get in the Word for yourself -- do what God wants YOU to do, you will be set free and find yourself in GREAT peace!!!

This is where I live now.  Do I like all the decisions my husband makes?  No.  Does he listen to me?  Most of the time.  He hears out my opinion about things and then I tell him he needs to make the final decision.  This gives him COMPLETE responsibility.  Do you know, ladies, how liberating this is??? I feel more feminine and cared for -- more fulfilled and content living under the covering of my husband.  Let me give you some scripture verses to look at to get you started -- for ladies and gentlemen as well.

God bless you all.  It is going to be difficult to shift the church back into submission to God's Word.  Our culture in the U.S. is extremely contrary to the Word.  We need to open our eyes and see this.  Will be obey God or live by the world's standards.

Don't think for half a second that this hasn't been hard for me!  I'm telling you, Sisters, this has been a wild ride for me.  My mother instilled a great deal of self-confidence in me and I was a very strong-willed child. -- wanting my OWN way!  I never had a permanent male authority figure in my life and all of this was new and totally uncomfortable for me.  God has literally had to BREAK me from this behavior.  I am glad that He has done it and He is still working on me!

Scripture references: 1 Cor 14:33-35, Eph 5:22-24, Eph 5:25-28, Eph 5:33, Col 3:18-19, 1 Tim 2:8-15, Titus 2:1-8

Love in Christ,

Posted June 26, 2006 on the revival school forum.